Dead Fred Goes to Chicago & Back in 40 Hours

I was at a library conference earlier this week in Chicago, and my buddy Dead Fred tagged along. Here is his photo journal of the trip.

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More travel to come! This coming weekend, I will be my best friend’s wedding and will serve as Maid of Honor. The last weekend of April, I’m traveling to the DC area for the Malice Domestic Convention. Dead Fred will be at both events. He promises photos.

2 thoughts on “Dead Fred Goes to Chicago & Back in 40 Hours

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures from Chicago! I’ve visit there often, when I go up to see my brother who lives about an hour and a half from there, I love Chicago! Have a fun trip and conference!

  2. The only time I’ve been to Chicago, except once years and years ago, is for the Love is Murder Conference twice in February. Needless to say, it was straight from the airport to the hotel and back again. Enjoy the wedding.

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