Malice or Bust

Way too early Thursday morning, I leave for the Malice Domestic Convention. I’m sure I will have butterflies fluttering in my stomach the whole trip as the Agatha banquet will be on the forefront of my mind.

Since I will be driving a couple of people to the convention with me, I thought I had better clean out my car to prepare and make their trip a little more comfortable. Anyone who has ridden with me knows I rarely clean out my car. I’m not a messy person, but for some reason, I do not treat my vehicle as well as my home or office. This may be due to the fact that I have a two hour round-trip commute to my job and back each day. I think the last place I want to be when I don’t have to is inside my car.

Here are some things I found while cleaning:

7 umbrellas, including one broken and one golf

3 emergency ponchos, including one heavy duty (I’m ready for monsoon season!)

Waterproof matches (Not sure how I got these. I’m NOT a camper.)

A rattle- my niece’s

A stuffed animal-also my niece’s

4 ice scrappers (Where were they in February?!)

An emergency snow shovel (I live in the secondary snow belt.)

An emergency fire blanket (Apparently, it can protect me if the car bursts into flames. I just have to find it again, open it, and unfold it before I catch on fire.)

A five foot piece of rope (I took canoeing in college for my gym credit and was given this to practice my knots.)

A bottle of Aspirin that expired in 2005

Two pairs of binoculars (I’m a birder.)

A folding chair

5 tablets of paper

Countless pens

9 gloves- only one pair out of the bunch

5 empty water bottles

3 cell phone car chargers-2 of those were for phones I no longer have

4 bungee cords (I used to own a canoe and these would hold it on the roof of the car.)

A souvenir-sized Louisville Slugger (Protection.)

My car’s so neat and tidy now I might just keep it that way from now on. Aww, who am I kidding.

Off to Malice I go. I hope to see many of you there! Please stop me and say “hello!”

My gift for those who sit at my table at the Agatha Awards banquet.


Spring Signings

Spring comes late to NE Ohio. This time last year there were daffodils and flowering trees blooming in my yard but not this year. Although I see the beginning on daffodils in my garden, the only blooming flowers I have are crocuses and a few brave hyacinths.

Just like the flowers, I have been hidden away this winter. However with the promise of spring, I’m ready to venture out again and meet readers. Below is a list of my upcoming book events for the next couple of months.

Spring Signing Schedule

Book Talk and Signing

The Village Bookstore

April 18, 7pm, Garrettsville, OH


Book Talk and Signing

Dover Public Library

April 26, 7pm, Dover, OH


Malice Domestic Convention

April 29-May 1, Bethesda, MD

The Agatha Award for Best First Novel will be awarded during the convention. Maid of Murder is a finalist!


Ohioana Book Festival

May 7, 10am-4:30pm, Columbus, OH


Spring flowers will be here soon! I hope to see you at a future event! Can’t make one of these signings? Check out where I will be this summer on my website.

Maid of Murder is an Agatha Award Nominee for Best First Novel

Exciting news! I’m so thrilled to announce Maid of Murder is a 2010 Agatha Award Nominee for Best First Novel. I’m so grateful to everyone who nominated the book. This nomination is beyond anything I ever hoped for as an author. It is a wonderful honor, and I’ve been grinning ear-to-ear since I heard the news.

I’m so happy to share this nomination with four very talented debut mystery authors.

My fellow nominees are:

Avery Aames

Laura Alden

Sasscer Hill

Alan Orloff

If you are attending the Malice Domestic Convention, please stop by and say hello.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at Malice!