Amanda Flower Fall 2022 #BookTour

Where to see my virtually and in person this Fall for the launch of Because I Could Not Stop For Death. I hope to see you in one of these in person or virtual events. Click on the links to register! Registration for the tea party on 10/1 opens 9/3, and registration for later events might not yet be open.

Upcoming Events:

Barbara’s Bookstore with Anna Lee Huber (VIRTUAL EVENT) 9/6/22 7:30pm

Bouchercon, Minneapolis, MN (IN PERSON EVENT) 9/8/22-9/11/22

Murder By the Book with Jennifer Ashley (VIRTUAL EVENT) 9/20/22 7pm

Poison Pen Bookstore (VIRTUAL EVENT) 9/21/22 4pm (Arizona time)

Amanda Flower & Emily Dickinson Launch & Tea Party Twinsburg Public Library  (IN PERSON EVENT) 10/1/22 2pm

Joseph Beth Bookstore with Anna Lee Huber, Cincinnati, OH (IN PERSON EVENT) 10/4/22 7pm

Book Loft with Anna Lee Huber, Columbus,OH (IN PERSON EVENT) 10/5/22 7pm

Pen and Page Event Rocky River Library (IN PERSON EVENT) 10/8/22 10am-3pm

Cuyahoga County Public Library- Parma/Powers Branch with Colleen Gleason (IN PERSON EVENT) 10/27/22 7pm- bookseller Mac’s Back Books

Wayne County Public Library (IN PERSON EVENT)10/28/22 6pm- bookseller Buckeye Book Store

Buckeye Book Fair, Wooster, OH (IN PERSON EVENT) 11/5/22 9:30am-4pm-bookseller Buckeye Book Store

Hower House, Akron, OH (IN PERSON EVENT) 11/7/22 7pm

Lakewood Public Library, Lakewood, OH (IN PERSON EVENT) 11/30/22 7pm

Pre-order Because I Could Not Stop For Death for a free Cheeps and Tummy key chain. You must register your pre-order at the link and complete the online form to receive your gift.

Key chains will be mailed within three weeks after the novel  is released. This promotion is good for U.S. postal addresses only.

You must register your pre-order before 9/20/22 on my website to receive you key chain. Visit to register your pre-order.

Additionally, pre-order from the Learned Owl Bookshop to receive the key chain, a signed copy of the BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATH, a signed paperback novel from my backlist. You still need to register on my website for the key chain. Visit here to register.

Possible places to Pre-order

Amazon | B&N | IndieBound | BAM

More about the novel:
Emily Dickinson and her housemaid, Willa Noble, realize there is nothing poetic about murder in this first book in an all-new series from USA Today bestselling and Agatha Award–winning author Amanda Flower.

January 1855 Willa Noble knew it was bad luck when it was pouring rain on the day of her ever-important job interview at the Dickinson home in Amherst, Massachusetts. When she arrived late, disheveled with her skirts sodden and filthy, she’d lost all hope of being hired for the position. As the housekeeper politely told her they’d be in touch, Willa started toward the door of the stately home only to be called back by the soft but strong voice of Emily Dickinson. What begins as tenuous employment turns to friendship as the reclusive poet takes Willa under her wing. 

Tragedy soon strikes and Willa’s beloved brother, Henry, is killed in a tragic accident at the town stables. With no other family and nowhere else to turn, Willa tells Emily about her brother’s death and why she believes it was no accident. Willa is convinced it was murder. Henry had been very secretive of late, only hinting to Willa that he’d found a way to earn money to take care of them both. Viewing it first as a puzzle to piece together, Emily offers to help, only to realize that she and Willa are caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse that reveals corruption in Amherst that is generations deep. Some very high-powered people will stop at nothing to keep their profitable secrets even if that means forever silencing Willa and her new mistress….


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