Amanda Flower Designs on #Etsy

Did you know that I have a Etsy Shop? It’s true! I have loved art and crafting since I was a little girl. I have always especially loved working with beads. Recently, I revealed my Etsy summer collection. It has fun bookmarks and beachy beaded bracelets. It’s all casual and colorful, which is pretty much my personal style. I hope you will check the shop out. Just click on the link to see more!

Amanda Flower Designs

This Week’s Featured Book!

College librarian India Hayes thought the worst thing about the Stripling Founders’ Festival was her pink gingham pioneer dress until she discovered the body of a free-spirited basket weaver on the festival grounds. The basket weaver leaves behind an angry blacksmith husband, a confused adopted son, greedy siblings, a dysfunctional artists’ co-op, and a labradoodle with a two-million-dollar trust in his name. Despite the wrath of her college’s provost and protests by handsome police detective Rick Mains, India finds herself playing sleuth as well as foster-owner to the two-million-dollar dog. With her own eccentric family commenting from the sidelines and her Irish-centric landlady as volunteer sidekick, India must discover the truth before she has a permanent canine houseguest or ends up the next victim in the basket weaver’s murder.

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Happy reading! ❤ Amanda

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