Garden Planning

It’s the best time of the year! Garden season. Truly, there is nothing I love more than working in the garden. Planting, watering, weeding, and pruning. I love all of it. This year, I have hopes to expand my gardens at the farm and make them bigger and better every year going forward too. The easiest way for me to understand what I want to do was to start with a simple sketch. You will see my very primitive, not-to-scale sketch of our farm below. This year, I don’t have much planned for around the house because any flowers I plant there would be ran over as trucks go in and out during construction, but I do have a lot of ideas from the road to the elbow bend in the driveway. My goal is a sea of flowers!

Like I said, this drawing is very much not to scale because our house is 800 feet from the road and we own two acres of woods beyond the daffodil trail, but it’s enough for me to start organizing what I want to plant this year. Next year will be even more fun as I will be able to landscape around the house! I will probably add some trees and bushes then, which will be so much fun. I very much want to add fruit trees for the birds and bees.

My mother always said the garden is different every year, and that’s so true. From year to year, some plants thrive and others struggle. Sometimes volunteer plants appear in the garden too. You just never know what will come up, and that’s something I love best about it. I can’t wait to get started!

This Week’s Featured Book!

Talking about gardening always makes me think about my Magic Garden Mysteries. Death and Daisies are a favorite for me in the series as daisies are my favorite flowers. Check out this mystery that involves mysterious ruins, a murder, and a secret garden!

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Happy reading! ❤ Amanda

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