Huge Ebook #Sale

A great number of my book are on ebook sale right now! These sales are set by the retailer or the publisher, so I don’t have control over when the sales start or stop. However at the time of this post, these were the prices! Grab them while you can!

The Following Books by Amanda are on Ebook SALE for a limited time!
Botched Butterscotch $0.99
Candy Cane Crime $0.99
Criminally Cocoa $1.99
Marshmallow Malice $0.99
Matchmaking Can Be Murder $0.99
Mums and Mayhem $2.99
Verse and Vengeance $2.99
Murders and Metaphors $1.99


Just want to give the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries a try? Start with Criminally Cocoa, a short e-novella that is currently on sale for $1.99. It’s a great way to get the know the characters!

Order the BOOK!

Happy reading! ❤ Amanda

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