Guest post: Scent of Mystery and Giveaway

I am happy to welcome Kathleen Kaminski to the blog today.  I know Kathy through the cozy mystery community. She be a book reviewer and blogger. You may know her as Katreader, a commenter on many mystery blogs, or as Cozy Up With Kathy, the cozy mystery blog she writes ( and it’s corresponding Facebook page ( Kathy interviews mystery authors, writes reviews and posts her own literary musings. She’s also started a new business that mixes well with her love of mysteries. I’ll let her tell you about it…

Scent of Mystery

by Kathleen J. Kaminski

I love bringing fragrance into my home. That’s one of the reasons I became an independent consultant for Pink Zebra. Pink Zebra is a direct sales company for home fragrance products.  We make Sprinkles, a unique scented wax melt. The wonderful thing about Sprinkles is that because of their small size, they blend really well. So, even though we have over 50 scents, you can mix and combine to create your own personalized fragrances!

Pink Zebra Amish Festival Prize Pack

As I was reading Isabella Alan’s Murder, Plain and Simple I could imagine myself walking around Rolling Brook, Ohio. To make it even more real I began to smell…apples, and to help celebrate Watermelon Fest-watermelon! I was inspired by the book to create a scent that would always remind me of it, and I can do that because I’m a Pink Zebra! I got my Sprinkles and mixed.  Equal parts of Red Delicious Apple and I Love Watermelon became Amish Festival, my Pink Zebra recipe inspired by Murder, Plain and Simple.

I came up with that recipe for the whole book, but you could create recipes for individual characters as well. For Rachel, what about mixing Blueberry Muffin with Mom’s Lemon Bars? Or perhaps Chocolate Whoopie Pie and Vanilla Crème?

When thinking about Amanda Flower’s Appleseed Creek Mystery series I came up with a blend inspired by the whole series thus far. Red Delicious Apple (of course, it is Appleseed Creek) and Citrus and Herbs. I call that recipe Amish Countryside.

It’s wonderful to be able to combine my love of mysteries with my love of home fragrance-and my new business.


I’d like to share Pink Zebra with you. One winner will receive a light green simmering pot and 2 jars of Sprinkles, Red Delicious Apple and I Love Watermelon in celebration of the release of the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries. I trust that melting these scents will transport you to the Amish Countryside.

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling us what we like about Amish mysteries or novels with your email address. Amanda will chose a winner from the comments.

Contest ends Tuesday, September 24 at 4pm EDT. Winner will be announced in the comments to this post on Wednesday, September 25.


Contest is only open to US and Puerto Rico residents

I hope I’ve piqued your interest in Pink Zebra. Let me tempt you to create scents for your favorite mysteries and characters. Come check out my Facebook page ( ) and website ( where you can order any time you’d like. If you have any questions about Pink Zebra, please e-mail me at


Don’t forget to enter my Amish Quilt Giveaway!

It’s SUPER SEPTEMBER! Amanda Flower (also writing as Isabella Alan) has three novels releasing in September 2013. To celebrate, she is giving away an authentic Amish Quilt hand-stitched by Amish in Holmes County, Ohio.

Enter to Win an Authentic Amish Quilt from author Amanda Flower! Click here to Enter!

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48 thoughts on “Guest post: Scent of Mystery and Giveaway

  1. What a great giveaway !!! I love all things Amish, I grew up in NJ and went to PA Dutch country all the time. I always thought I just might be able to live like them, a hard life but the seem very happy and at peace. I love their crafts, foods and as I said their way of life.
    Really look forward to reading more of your books

  2. I love Amish Mysteries because you feel like you really know the people and are a part of the community. I also like them because you don’t expect murder to happen in the Amish community so that adds more intrigue also. I love Amanda’s books and this giveaway sounds awesome thanks.

  3. What I like about Amish Mysteries is how they let us learn about another way of life–introduce us to a culture which has been woven into the fabric of what is now America.

    I love aromatherapy and lavender in particular!


  4. I will have to be truthful and say I haven’t ever read any Amish mysteries, sorry. I am sure they would be great reading. Would love to win this wonderful give away. It is so pretty. I did have two birds, they have passed away now. While I had them I couldn’t have nice smelling scents in my home, they would kill your birds. Now, that they are gone, this would be a time to win and use this beautiful bowl in my home filling it with the nice swells that come with the give away.

  5. I’ve already finished reading your newest book “Plain Disappearance” and am working on your Isabella Allen’s new book. I love the Amish books because they are a simpler life and yet they live in many ways with the same problems we do.

  6. I like reading Amish mysteries because I am a history major, a police officer, and I live in the country. I do love the conveniences I have, but I love to imagine I could do without and “rough it”. My grandmother quilted, sewed her own clothing, and lived on a working farm. I’ve always been interested in the Amish Folk and their way of life. A little bit of a ramble – I would also loooove to win – I loooooove Pink Zebra!!!!

  7. I love the Amish mysteries, because you don’t expect to find that anyone get’s murdered in an Amish community. I also love the different scents that are being brought into our homes. Makes everything smell so good.

  8. great giveaway. amish mysteries are awesome, you usually only think of amish as god-farin individuals who dont turn to police. the last youexpect is murder, suspense. keep writing, i love them

  9. i love reading the books. They are clean and family can all read. They just make me feel such a peacefulness. Very hardworking people. They would help anyone in need. I like how they all come together to worship together and fellowship afterwards. I believe they are God honoring people. There is romance but they don’t show it in public. It’s another world. I love reading and learning about them. Love to win this.

  10. I love Amish fiction. There is just something about Amish mysteries that really draw me in so I don’t want to put down the book until the end!!

  11. What a great giveaway. I grew up in NJ and our big vacations after a day or two at the Jersey shore were going to the Amish country in PA. I loved being able to see the horse and buggies and being with my family on vacation. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

  12. I enjoy Amish mystery and suspense novels because you are given a great story without graphic violence or sexual situations. It proves it is not necessary to write in an extreme manner and still deliver a great novel that people want to read.

  13. I love Amish mysteries, they have the simple good things that the Amish lifestyle makes you think about as well as real problems one can understand and just enough excitement to keep you reading as quick as you can. 🙂

  14. What I liked most about Amish mysteries is – when you think you got it figured out – there’s another twist! They keep you hanging until the right time! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  15. I have become a huge fan of Amish mysteries due in part to Amanda! I only review Amish fiction and sometimes find the same story lines being used time after time so reading mysteries is a nice reprieve 🙂

  16. I have the first book on my large list of books waiting for me to read. I have to wait until another school break to have the time to read! That said, I like how I will get to learn a few things about another culture. I also thank you for the opportunity to win! 😊

  17. The first book is on my list of need-to-reads that I will be delving into once I have another school break. That said, I really appreciate learning about new cultures. Thank you for that, and the chance to win! 😊

  18. I love everything Amish! Mysteries based in Amish country are a new find for me. I thoroughly enjoyed yours and am looking forward to reading your next addition to the series!

  19. I love Amish books, my husband loves mysteries!! You Amanda Flower have made it possible for me to share something with my husband, and for that I will be forever a huge fan of yours. I bought all three of An Appleseed Creek Mystery and we both are enjoying them together!! Please keep them coming and know that I will keep buying and sharing them with others!! God Bless You!!

  20. I love to read the Amish books. I respect the morals and values they past from generation to generation. I love their family oriented and service to their religion is consistent and greatly loved.
    Barbara Thompson

  21. I have enjoyed every Amish story / book I’ve ever read. I don’t think I could live the Plain life as I like my conveniences way too much (and I’m way too lazy), but I do admire their values and ‘simple’ life style. But I think they are people just like us and therefore have some of the same problems, worries, and concerns, and it’s interesting to read how the Amish deal with these.

    The scent you have described, apple and watermelon, — well, I can almost smell the apples. Years ago, I got to visit an area famous for the apples. We watched them prepare apples for canning, make apple pies and baked items, and in general were surrounded by apples. I loved the smell! One doesn’t get that scent from apples purchased in the store. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Amanda…I am so excited, this is my first win of a contest and I am so happy that it is yours. I am currently reading your Appleseed Creek Mystery Trilogy and loving them! And so is my husband!! Thanks for all you do. Blessings to you and your loved ones!! Esta Mae Laughner

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