Happy New Year’s Resolutions

I love making New Year’s Resolutions, and I’m sharing some of my resolution for 2013.

1. Write more. This will not be a problem as I have four books due this year and five in 2014. I guess the resolution should be, don’t freak out about the amount to which I am committed.

2. Run again. I would never call myself an athlete, but a few years ago I started running… then life got in the way and I stopped. I plan to start running again. I don’t have any big lofty goals like a marathon or anything. I just hope it helps me deal with stress a little better.

3. Cut myself a break. I plan to take a day every so often to completely check out of social media. No Facebook, no tweeting, no Pinterest. As much as I love all those websites, I’ve found that at times I need to click away. Social media should first and foremost be fun. If it takes me a day to recover the fun aspect of it, I should take it.

4. Smile and laugh more. Admittedly, I smile and laugh a lot. There is a maintenance guy at the college I work who calls be “Smiley” because I am generally cheerful, but I can get down just like everyone else. I pray God reminds in the situations that depress me of the humor and irony that can be found there.

5. Eat more cupcakes. Just because they’re awesome, and because of #2, this is totally okay.


Happy New Year! I’m wishing you health, happiness, and great books!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Also, I’m like, 90% sure that buttercream frosting helps ward off osteoporosis. *nods* That’s amazing as a woman, AND supports your running!

    And you need the sugar to help fuel those fingers, as they type up all those books!


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