Thinking about Snow … in June?

I’m happy to report that I turned in Murder, Plain and Simple to my editor at Penguin/New American Library earlier this week. This the first novel that will be published under my pen name, Isabella Alan. It will release Fall of 2013. Now, I’m back to working on A Plain Disappearance, the third novel in the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series for B&H Publishing, and I’m thinking about snow. A Plain Disappearance is my first novel set during Christmas time, and I’m learning a lot about Amish Christmas tradition. I’m also trying to be creative in how I describe snow because there is a lot of it in the novel. Luckily as a native Ohioana who works in the Snow Belt near Lake Erie, I have more than my fair share of wintry experience. It also helps to look at some photographs of snow I took only a few months ago. Here’s a break from the summer heat! Enjoy!

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You can order the first Appleseed Creek Mystery, A Plain Death, on Kindle TODAY. Also Amazon says it has paper copies in stock even though the actual release is not until July 1st.  If you read the novel and have the time, please post a review on Those are a huge help and raise an author’s stock on that mammoth website.

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