Pinterest Addiction

I had heard muttering about Pinterest for a few months and tried to ignore it. The thought of another social media site to join and maintain was overwhelming. However finally the techie geek in me had to find out what it was all about, and I joined. I’m so glad I did! Pinning is one of my new favorite past times. If I’m having a tough day, I can search Pinterest for a photo of a cute puppy or pretty flower and remember the beauty of God’s creation. Sure, a photo of a puppy or flower won’t fix whatever problem I may be facing, but it takes the edge off.

Also as an author, it’s a great place for me to gather my thoughts about my novels. I have a different board for each series. I add and remove images as their correlating fictional events are added and removed from the stories. It’s kind of like a peek into my brain. When I write, thoughts are bouncing all over the place just like the images in Pinterest.

I have two special Amish boards going. One is for Amish buggies, which I love, and one is for Amish food. The food one is related to something in the works, but mums the word on that for the moment. Also, Dead Fred has his very own board.

My only criticism of pinning is the warnings are true. It can suck you in, and the next thing you know three hours have passed. Luckily, I can set my iPad’s alarm clock to tell me to get off the site. I pay attention to it… most of the time.

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