Mystery Author’s Quilting Lesson

Last Sunday, my friend Charlotte Hennessey, who is a master quilter, gave me a hand quilting lesson. This was in preparation for my upcoming Amish novels. Quilting is a favorite Amish handicraft, and it’s one the ways Amish women can express their creativity and talents.

The Amish mystery series I’m writing under the pen name Isabella Alan will feature an fictional Amish quilt shop in Holmes County, Ohio called the Running Stitch.

I have made several quilts myself, but I have always used a sewing machine or applique techniques. This was the first time I truly quilted by hand. I can vouch that it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Even though it was a challenge, it was so much fun, and I look forward to starting my first quilting project, which will be roughly the size of a napkin. I figure it’s best to start small.

You can watch part of my lesson now on YouTube at the link below. Charlotte was a very patient teacher and said it was no problem for her to redo my poor stitches on her current quilt.

Click here for Quilt Video. Enjoy!

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