Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my birthday, and in my opinion, a person can never be too old to make a wish as she blows out the candles on her birthday cake, or in my case, birthday cupcakes.

Last year, my birthday wish came true. I wished I would find a literary agent who liked my writing and believed that I could write mysteries both for the mainstream and inspirational markets. That wish was granted in March when Nicole Resciniti from the Seymour Agency signed me.

A few months later, she sold two mystery series for me, one to a mainstream publisher, Penguin/NAL, and one to an inspirational publisher, B&H. Those sales and everything else she’s done for my career is more than I could wish for. I’m so grateful and am looking forward to another year of wonderful surprises.

Of course, not all birthday wishes come true. The handful that do keeps us wishing.

This year’s wish? Sorry, I can’t tell you, or it might not come true if I do.

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