January, New Beginnings

This might sound strange, but I love January. It’s one of my favorite months because it symbolizes a new year with new beginnings. I love nothing better than a fresh start and am happy January is able to deliver. I began each new year thinking, this year will be better than the last one. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong, but I am always hopeful.

In 2012, I have two new releases coming out. The first is Murder in a Basket, the sequel to Maid of Murder, on February 8th, and the second is the debut of the brand new Appleseed Creek Mystery Series. The first novel, A Plain Death, will release on July 1st. By the summer, I will be able to call myself a multi-published author, which is a dream come true.

Of course, not everything about January is great. There is the weather to contend with. Happily, it’s been unseasonably warm and snow-free in northeast Ohio. Of course now that I’ve said that, we will have a blizzard.

I hope your January is full of new beginnings too.

In early February, I will be sending out the latest edition of my biannual e-newsletter with exciting news about the year to come. If you’d like to sign up, just send an email to authoramandaflower@gmail.com.

Release Feb. 8

2 thoughts on “January, New Beginnings

  1. And you’ve just officially doomed yourself! Look out Ohio, that 2 foot snowfall that’s now on it’s way is all Amanda’s fault! 😉

    What an outstanding year it’s going to be for you. I’m very much looking forward to all those wonderful books myself!

  2. I always like January because it’s usually a restful time after the frantic pace of the holidays, and all the work I do during the spring, summer and fall. However, this month I’m taking an online writing class that requires a lot of writing, and I’ve also been invited to be a member of the WritersWhoKill blog. My first blog will be January 19th, and I’ll be posting on Thursdays, so January is not such a relaxing time this year.

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