Murder in a Basket ARC Giveaway- Week Three

The holiday cheer continues with another chance to win an ARC copy of MURDER IN A BASKET!

Here’s your chance to be one of the first to read my second novel in the Agatha Award-nominated India Hayes Mystery Series.  I have two more Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) available to give away, and you can win one!

Because it’s Christmas week, the winner of this drawing will also receive an Amanda Flower tote bag. (Cat not included.)

How the contest works:
Anyone who comments on my blog or my facebook page ( with an answer to my weekly question about mystery fiction will be entered into the drawing for that week. If you post your answer in both places, you are entered twice and have a better chance to win! If you don’t win week one, don’t worry you can reenter the next week! You have three opportunities to win.

Click here for contest rules/exclusions.

Giveaway Question #3

India is an artist and librarian. If you created an amateur sleuth, what occupation would you give him or her?

Post your answer now to enter! Don’t forget, you can post the same answer on my Facebook Page for an additional chance to win!

This week’s contest runs Monday, December 19th- Saturday, December 24th. Winner will be announced Sunday, December 25th, Christmas Day!


17 thoughts on “Murder in a Basket ARC Giveaway- Week Three

  1. I would also make my lead character a Librarian but because I also like to do party favors, I would have her do that as well. I really hope I win this book. It would be a great christmas present

  2. I would have the sleuth be a retired federal agent like me. I never investigated any crimes but i could learn!


  3. I would have the sleuth be a teacher. They are always looking for new clues and new ways of looking at things to help people..

  4. A garbage collector! I’ll bet he/she would find all sorts of weird things going through other people’s trash! He/she would also have a sense of humor to do a job like that.

  5. I would have my sleuth be a genealogist. Lots of interesting clues form the past not to mention how the clues could take you to all sorts of intriguing locations.

  6. My sleuth would be a mom who stumbles into situations doing her various kid and volunteer activities. She’d have her group of friends for help – one of which is a librarian, one a nurse, and one a lawyer.

  7. My sleuth would be the gardener, because he/she could be weeding the garden behind some of the bigger bushes, and could see who goes and comes, and they could not see him/her. He could also act like he was really concentrating on his job pruning the bushes, but actually could hear what the neighbors are saying,without them knowing that he was listening, ha!

  8. My sleuth would be a photographer because that’s one of my hobbies. And sometimes you see things in pictures that you didn’t see when you took them.

  9. I would also have the main character be a teacher. She could solve the crimes in the summer because teachers have the whole summer off, right? As a retired teacher, I would love to have a character who could write an exciting essay on what I did on my summer vacation.

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