Murder in a Basket ARC Giveaway- Week One

It’s time to spread some holiday cheer with free books!

Are you tired of waiting for Murder in a Basket to be released?  Does February 8, 2012 seem too far away?  Do you want to read it now?

Here’s your chance to be one of the first to read my second novel in the Agatha Award-nominated India Hayes Mystery Series.  I have four Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) available to give away, and you can win one!

How the contest works:
Anyone who comments on my blog or my facebook page ( with an answer to my weekly question about mystery fiction will be entered into the drawing for that week. If you post your answer in both places, you are entered twice and have a better chance to win! If you don’t win week one, don’t worry you can reenter the next week! You have four opportunities to win.

The contest will run Monday, December 1st through Saturday, December 31st 2011. The contest schedule is:

  • Week One: Thursday, December 1st- Saturday, December 10th. Winner will be announced Sunday, December 11th. ( You have more time to enter week one!)
  • Week Two: Monday, December 12th- Saturday, December 17th. Winner will be announced Sunday, December 18th.
  • Week Three: Monday, December 19th- Saturday, December 24th. Winner will be announced Sunday, December 25th Christmas! The winner Christmas week will also win an Amanda Flower tote bag.
  • Week Four: Monday, December 26th- Saturday, December 31st. Winner will be announced Sunday, January 1st.

Contest Rules/Exclusions:

  1. Entries are limited to U.S. and Canadian mailing addresses.
  2. Comments deemed profane or offensive will not be included in the contest.  I reserve the right to make that determination.
  3. Entries cannot win more than once.
  4. Entries have one week to claim their prize. If they do not claim it within that time period, a new winner will be chosen.

Giveaway Question #1

Who is your favorite mystery author? (You don’t have to say me!!)

Post your answer now to enter! Don’t forget, you can post the same answer on my Facebook Page for an additional chance to win!

39 thoughts on “Murder in a Basket ARC Giveaway- Week One

  1. I read all of Agatha Christie and that’s a lot!!! But I love Sheldon Russell for his book, ‘The Insane Train”. That book is downright quirky.

    Thank you for this chance to win an ARC of your book.


  2. Definitely want to win this! I don’t read a lot of traditional mysteries, but I think Michael Connelly qualifies. I can’t wait to read yours, though, Amanda 🙂

  3. Agatha Christie and P.D. James are classic, but Amanda Flower is a favorite because she is a personal friend and I can sense her presence as I read her writings.

  4. Without doubt, MC Beaton, the writer of the Hamish MacBeth mysteries. I am looking forward to reading Amanda Flower though–in grad school and looking forward to my break!!


  5. I absolutely love any mysteries about or by Librarians because I am one myself : So there is Jo Dereske, Charlaine Harris, Elizabeth Casey and of course, Amanda Flower!!

  6. Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers are longtime faves. P.D. James, Louise Penny, and Julia Spencer-Fleming, unless you’re talking funny mysteries, then it’s Carolyn Haines. Looking forward to another Amanda Flowers, too.

  7. Oh man, this is a tough one and there are so many to choose from. But I’m going to go with the master – Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes was a groundbreaking character 100 plus years ago and is still relevant today. I owe a lot of my love of mysteries to Holmes and Doyle.

  8. Since I haven’t read all that many mysteries and I don’t know any other authors I’ve decided my favorite is…. Amanda Flower by a stretch. 🙂

  9. Tough question, since I have so many favorites. I’m going to say Daphne duMaurier, who wrote my favorite mystery of all time–Rebecca. (I loved Amanda Flower’s “Maid of Murder” too!!)

  10. I’m going to say Alan Bradlyy for his Flavia de Luce series, possibly because I’ve just discovered it.

    Perennial favorites are S.W. Albert, E.L. Casey, Christie, P.D. James, and on and on.

  11. In addition to you and Casey, of course, I love Louise Penny, PD James, Elizabeth George and many others too numerous to write all of them here. I am so looking forward to reading your second India book as well as your new series about the Amish. I’ve always been fascinated by the cultures and have enjoyed mysteries that have accurately portrayed them.

  12. I enjoy your books, but right now my favorite mystery author is split personality Camille Minichino, Margaret Grace, and Ada Madison. I figure I could get three choices since in reality all three are the same person.

  13. This is a hard one to answer since I’ve been a mystery fan since I was a kid. I started with Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie. Christie is the one that got my hooked for sure. Today I absolutely love Carolyn Hart, Sue Grafton, Sara Rosett, Ellery Adams, Jen McKinlay, J. B. Stanley – see it’s like potato chips. I can’t have just one. Before today I had not heard of the Amanda Flower mysteries (I heard about them on Sara Rosett’s FB page), but I’m always looking for another good mystery and I just added them to my TBR pile.

  14. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I am yet to try your books due to my terrible schedule with grad school and work. When it comes to mysteries I have read in the past, I am a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark (dorky I know). My biggest mystery selection right now tends to be my text books for the NP program…it’s a mystery as to the content because I don’t have time to read them 😉

  15. I love too many cozy authors to pick just one. 🙂 Diane Mott Davidson and Nancy Fairbanks were some of the first ones I read that got me hooked a few years ago. My favorite new author from 2011 would have to be Liz Lipperman.


  16. I don’t think I could choose just one! Sayers, Marsh, Christie, Hayer, James, Perez-Reverte, Crais, Nabb, Jakeman, Atherton, Beaton (in all her incarnations), Cannell, Peters…that’s just off the top of my head. Love mysteries!

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