Author’s Namesakes

Over the weekend, I signed a contract with New American Library for a new Amish Quilting Mystery Series.The first book, MURDER, PLAIN AND SIMPLE will be released late 2013. When I write for New American Library, I will be using the pen name Isabella Alan.

It’s common for a publisher to ask an author to use a pseudonym for a variety of reasons. Because I knew this, I had a name ready long before my agent told me New American Library wanted one.

I wanted the name to honor two people I love dearly, one here on earth and one in heaven. Isabella is my niece’s first name, and Alan is my father’s middle name. In 2009, my niece was born and my father passed away. The events happened within weeks of each other. By the time Isabella was born, we already knew my father was dying of cancer and he didn’t have much time left. I will always be grateful Isabella arrived before my father left this earth. It gave him an opportunity to say hello and good-bye to his first grandchild and promise her he’d wait for her in heaven.

ISABELLA Flower & Thomas ALAN Flower

They weren’t together long, but Isabella and my dad had a special bond, and I thought it was only fitting to pick a pen name that would honor the legacy and the future of the Flower name even if the name Flower is not on the cover of the book.

Amanda/Isabella signing contract

10 thoughts on “Author’s Namesakes

  1. Amanda,

    The story of how you picked your pen name is beautiful. I was moved to tears. That small paragraph is a true testament of how you’re able to write with your heart and soul. Congratulations on your upcoming release. I’m sure God will hand a copy to your dad in heaven.


  2. Thanks for updating us…luv your new pen name…look forward to reading your new books under your pen name of Isabella Alan……..a dedicated book fan….Linda McFarland

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