Dead Fred Returns Home

After two weeks in Great Britain, Dead Fred and I are back in Ohio. There was a bumpy start to the trip as our first flight to London was canceled, and we had to fly to Manchester, England via Philadelphia the next day.  However when we did arrive in the U.K., we had a great time.

Some highlights were seeing puffins in the wild, visiting Beatrix Potter’s house, and stumbling upon a seaside carnival.

Below are some of Dead Fred’s favorite photos from the trip.

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You can see his full album here on my Facebook Page.

10 thoughts on “Dead Fred Returns Home

    • Hi Giora,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Dead Fred is just for fun. He was given to me by a Sisters in Crime chapter I spoke to earlier this year, and I thought what better way to share my trip to Great Britain with my mystery readers than to include a mystery element, Dead Fred, in the photos. It’s been fun reading people’s comments about his travel on my Facebook page. 🙂

  1. Thanks Amanda, and now I know. I was happy to read the summary of your book where the heroine is a librarian. I go regularly to the Toronto Public Library close to my home and hada few chats with the librarian there about the lack of librarians as heroines in fiction books. India, is the only one that I know. Librarians now how to search for information, so they should be good detectives. You are not yet in Canada. Check the largest book chain here
    So tell you book publisher to send some book to the North, and maybe even to send to to a signing book tour to Canada. Best wishes with your “Maid of Muder” and the next one coming next year. The cover of the book is really well done.

      • Amanda , you might wish to contact Susan Caron, the collection development manager, at the Toronto Public library and suggest her to buy your book (maybe a few copies) for the library. It’s probably the largest in North America. Your pitch will be that it’s one of the few fiction books about Librarians.

        It might work.

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