October News

Drum roll, please! I’ve recently learned that my publisher, Five Star/Gale Cengage Learning, will publish the second India Hayes Mystery. The new novel is called Murder in a Basket and will be released early 2012.  I know that seems like a long way away, but I am already in the middle of working with my editor on the new book.

More news:

I’ve joined two groups blogs. Don’t worry, I will continue to blog here.

They are:

The Little Blog of Murder

This is a group blog for Ohio mystery writers.  The blog also features authors Don Bruns, Casey Daniels, and Jeffrey Marks. I will be blogging there every Tuesday about mysteries, my writing, and life in Ohio.  Read my latest post called Picture Day.


Clash of the Titles

This is something a little different. Clash of the Titles is a brand new website debuting on October 18th. The purpose of the website is to promote Christian fiction and introduce readers to new genres and authors.  I’m a member of the staff and am in charge of scheduling.

I hope you will click over and check these out!  Happy fall!

October in the Cuyahoga Valley

3 thoughts on “October News

  1. Amanda,
    Congratulations. I am sure you never get replies from people who say they are writers, but let me be the first.
    Actually I am stumbling and tripping my way through this whole blogging thing in order to get to the place you have already arrived. Published and read. Any advice you could give me would be more than appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.


  2. Hi Tim,
    Congratulations on pursuing your dream! My first suggestion would be to write what you love. If you love fantasy, write fantasy. If you love westerns, write westerns. Then find some critique partners who you can share your work with and will give you meaningful feedback. Finally when you have a novel or short story you feel is ready for publication, start submitting it. There are many wonderful guides out there that give information about publishers, magazines, and literary agents.
    Good Luck!

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