Novel Reprieve

It’s been a non-stop summer as I’ve visited bookstores and libraries discussing and signing Maid of Murder. Thanks to everyone who has come out for these events. In addition to signings, I’ve been hopping around the web on a blog tour and writing a new mystery, which I’m really excited about.

However a few weeks ago, I needed a break, so I jumped in my car and drove north to Michigan. As an Ohioan, I’ve been to Michigan many times, it’s our neighbor after all, but I’d never been to the Upper Peninsula. It was a nine hour drive from my home to the sleepy little town of Munising, Michigan. I chose Munising because it’s the home of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, a national wonder you must add to your travel list if you’re a nature geek like me.

I had great intentions when I left. I was going to get so much writing done. I was going to write dozen of blog posts for my tour. I was going to polish synopses, pitches, and one sheets. Shoot, I was gonna finish my manuscript early. But when I saw the enormous, beautiful, clear, and clean Lake Superior, I couldn’t bring myself to boot up my computer. It just was too darn pretty to stare at a computer screen.

Instead of writing and getting ahead, I spent my days on a boat floating by the colorful pictured rocks or over sunken shipwrecks only to return to the hotel and stare at the Lake from my lakeview room. I didn’t write a word the entire time. Not even a postcard.

I’ve decided when I can retire from librarianship—hopefully much sooner than 2045, which my retirement agency finds perverse pleasure in telling me every time it sends me a letter—I will spend the summer somewhere on Lake Superior. I will have to work on the lake-staring problem though. Authors never truly retire, so I will have to write while I’m there.

I hope you’ve found some time to relax this summer too despite your busy schedules. Summer’s officially over for me as of this Wednesday when the students start classes at my college.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my trip to the U.P.

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