Amanda’s Top Ten Stress Relievers

Writing and Publishing is a High and Low business. The highs can be very high, and the lows can be very low. No matter if it is a mountain or a valley, there is stress. Here are my Top Ten Tips to deal with it.

Amanda’s Top Ten Stress Relievers:

  1. Go outside. There’s nothing like sunshine to brighten your day. If there’s a thunderstorm raging, I don’t recommend this one.
  2. Sleep. It may help the time pass more quickly, if you’re waiting for news. Truth be told if you’re a writer, you probably don’t sleep much. Might as well catch up on your z’s.
  3. Read a funny book. My go to authors in times of distress are Meg Cabot and Janet Evanovich. They can always make me laugh.
  4. Organize something. I’m not kidding. Sure, you might’ve gotten rejected by a publishing house, but at least you can find all the tools in your garage. That’s something!
  5. Travel. Leave your home even if it’s only to go across town to your local zoo or park. Some days putting physical distance between you and your computer is the best plan of action. For example, if you’re thinking of taking a hammer (and if you followed tip #4, you know exactly where that hammer is) to your computer because you’re suffering writer’s block, it would be a good idea to get out of the house.
  6. Retail therapy. You might as well use your anxiety to help the struggling economy, and it never hurts to have a new purse, does it? (Not recommend for recovering shopaholics.)
  7. Ice cream. ‘Nough said.
  8. Get crafty. Do something artistic other than write. Use another portion of your creativity. Be as elaborate with the project as your talent and desire allows. Coloring a coloring book works just fine, and it’s up to you whether or not to color inside the lines.
  9. Exercise. My favorites are walking and swimming. Taking into consideration how seriously you took tip #7, you might want to double up on #9.
  10. Pray. Remember, God gave you a talent, and if you use it for His glory, nothing can stop you.

    Seeing my mystery published was the highest high!

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