Ten Clues You Might be a Library Geek

  1. You keep researching a reference question long after the patron has left the building.
  2. You use the phrase “Boolean operator” in everyday speech.
  3. You know what OCLC does… you know OCLC exists.
  4. You have trouble remembering facts because you know where to look them up.
  5. Cutter numbers make perfect sense to you.
  6. You find the smell of old books comforting.
  7. You “circ” things.
  8. You know you can weed indoors.
  9. You know a periodical and serial aren’t always the same thing.
  10. Your first thought after getting great reviews for your debut novel in Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews is, “I’m going to be searchable in Ebscohost!”

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